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Fork lift truck association safety4most campaign

safety 4 most logoThe Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) have published a free booklet to complement their safety4most campaign. Protect your workers, and yourself, with their four-step guide.

Today, there will be at least one major fork lift truck accident in the UK. An employee will be hospitalised — or worse — and there will be long-term consequences for victim and employer alike.

That’s in addition to countless minor incidents which will give painful injuries, reduce productivity, and damage trucks, racking and valuable stock — with significant bottom-line costs.

But the truth is fork lift truck accidents are not inevitable. And there are four key areas where a few, simple actions could significantly reduce your risk.

So to help you, the FLTA have created a free, easy-to-follow, four-step programme covering the key basics for fork lift operation — whether you run one truck, or hundreds. It’s inspired by their  Safety4Most guide (which is also free to read):

· STAGE ONE: Safe Management

· STAGE TWO: Safe Operators

· STAGE THREE: Safe Site

· STAGE FOUR: Safe Trucks

A fork lift truck is one of the most useful pieces of workplace equipment — but potentially one of the most dangerous. In a few minutes each week, you can protect your colleagues — and the guide free here.

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