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new forklift test for counterbalanced and reach

new forklift  operator testOn 30th January 2017, the Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport announced the release of the revised Basic Operating Skills Test for Counterbalance and Reach trucks.

It is not mandatory to implement the new test immediately, however it must be in use by 1st September 2017. Any tests held on or after this date that are not using the new format will be invalid.

Some of the key changes include:

13 of the 22 elements described in the pre-use inspection test have been deemed safety critical. The test candidate must carry out a full and correct check of these items, failure to do so will result in an automatic referral in this element of the test

Candidates will be disqualified from the practical skills test if they incur more than three, five point penalties in any one area.

A number of elements in the practical skills test have had their penalty award increased

In the bank of multiple choice questions there are five mandatory questions. These must appear in every question paper. If a candidate gets any of the mandatory questions incorrect then the overall result of the association knowledge examination will be a referral (regardless of the overall score)

A candidiate can be referred for undue hesitancy or slowness even if the test is completed in the set time.

Accredited translators must be provided for candidates who are not familiar with the English language. These must not be candidates on the same course.

You can download full details of this new test here. If you have any queries/suggestions about this new test you can contact the RTITB here.

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