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Results of polls taken on this site

Should fork lift drivers wear seat belts? (2009/10)

seat belt usage graphThis poll ran for two years. It's the most popular one I have done so far and has attracted a lot of attention. The strange thing is that the large majority of people say that seatbelts should be worn all the time and yet I have rarely seen anyone wearing a seatbelt on a fork lift apart from when on a training course!

Results: (As of January 2011)

  • 530 votes: Should be worn all the time
  • 140 votes: Should not normally be worn
  • 40 votes: Only should be worn when working outside
  • 220 Votes: Only should be worn on rough ground

2013. Out of interest I'm running this poll again to see if views have changed.

How difficult is it to pass the fork lift truck operator's test? (2008)

I ran this poll for over a year on this site and the results are shown below rounded up to the nearest 10.

It makes me wonder why there is such a variation of opinion. It wouldn't be that some instructors don't set the course up properly would it?

  • 50 votes: Too easy
  • 20 votes: Very easy
  • 110 votes: Easy
  • 100 votes: Quite difficult
  • 20 votes: Difficult
  • 10 votes: Never again

You have to get 80% to pass the fork lift operator's written test. If you have done it, how difficult is it?

This is the poll I ran during 2007. The results are

written test poll results rounded up to the nearest 10. I am only interested in the test that came out in 2000 where trainees have to take 20 multiple choice and five open questions.

As can be seen, most people think that it is either easy or very easy.

  • 70 votes: Very easy
  • 50 votes: Easy
  • 10 votes : Difficult
  • 10 votes: Very difficult