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Forklift feature articlesThis section is relatively new to the website. Most of the pages on this website can be read in just a few minutes which leaves no scope for more in depth articles which obviously take longer. I decided to expand the site by including this section of forklift feature articles. Please note that I have not written most of these articles but I have credited the authors and provided a link back to them where possible.


September 4th 2020. Many forklift operators think that if a full load is dropped onto the overhead, (canopy), guard of their forklift truck it will protect them. Not true! See how they are tested here. Read More

August 5th 2020. How to check forklift operator qualifications in the UK. Read More

July 28th 2020. Tim Waples, Chief Executive of the Fork Lift Truck Association, explains why now is the perfect opportunity to do a complete site audit and improve measures designed to protect workers on foot. Read More

July 27th 2020. Here is a useful article about loading dock safety along with some advice about correct lorry loading procedures by the Health and safety Executive. Read More

June 23rd 2020. Yale celebrates 100 years of electric trucks with lithium-ion product line extension. Read More

June 22nd 2020. Looking after your forklift truck tyres. Read More.

June 19th 2020. Whether you’re running one electric forklift truck or an entire forklift fleet, your warehouse needs a designated forklift charging station. Discover how to make your charging room practical, compliant, and safe. Read More

May 10th 2020. It may seem like an obvious statement, but getting the right truck for the job can make a world of difference to your operation. Read More

March 31st 2020. Here is an interesting article by Associated Pallets on the unsung hero of the logistics industry - the humble pallet. Read More

March 27th 2020. Explanation of the expression "centre of gravity" as it applies to forklift trucks and their loads. Read More

March 26th 2020. Explanation of vertical load centre on a counterbalanced forklift truck and how it can affect stability. Read More

March 25th 2020. Explanation of load centre on a counterbalanced forklift truck and how it's used in calculating the truck's capacity. Read More

February 25th 2020. The Health and Safety Executive provide a lot of information about appointing a competent person to help meet health and safety legal duties. This information is reproduced over the following three pages. Read More

February 12th 2020. This article by Forklift Certification, talks about the hazards caused by the emission of Carbon Monoxide from forklift trucks. Read More

January 28th 2020. Here is an excellent, recent article from RTITB concerning familiarisation Training for forklift operators. Read More

January 14th 2020. In the USA, Mousetrap deaths are now the top workplace killer. Here is how to prevent them. Read More.

January 9th 2020. The following article by Forklift Certification has some really useful advice for forklift truck owners who need to use their machines in extremes of temperatures. Read More.

November 26th 2019. Here ia a really useful article by RTITB about the role of the health and safety manager for those involved in forklift truck operations. Read More

November 24th 2019. This article by Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks explains the dangers of repetitive Strain Injury associated with the use of forklift trucks. Read More

November 12th 2019. This article by Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks contains some very useful advice on how to reduce the risks to pedestrians who may come into contact with forklift trucks. Read More

October 21st 2019. This article by RTITB hopes to explain some of the myths surrounding forklift operator training and I couldn't have put it better myself! Read More

October 10th 2019. This useful article is by Jake Stewart of Toyota Forklifts about the dangers of carbon monoxide and forklift trucks. Read More

September 16th 2019. Here is a article by Flashbattery, which looks at the advantages of Lithium Ion batteries compared to lead acid batteries used on forklift trucks. Read More

September 10th 2019. Here is an excellent, recent article from RTITB concerning Specific Job Training for forklift operators. Read More

August 26th 2019. What is a safe system of work? Check out this really useful article by RTITB. Read More

June 17th 2019. This article covers the safe use of loading docks, lorry loading and unloading and the VOSA security matrix. Read More

March 25th 2019. This article by Mitsubishi Forklifts explains how modern technology is being used in forklift trucks to make the operator's job easier and safer. Read More

January 22nd 2019. The article below was written by Trinton Castetter of Toyota Forklift Trucks and contains some useful hints and tips about using forklifts in winter conditions. Read More

September 12th 2018. Here is a short article by Anna Harris of Toyota forklift trucks about forklift overhead guards. Read More

September 5th 2018. Forklift trip hazards. Here is a short article by Trinton Castetter. Product Marketing Specialist, Toyota Material Handling, Read More

August 28th 2018. Here is a really useful article by Toyota Forklift copywriter Jake Stewart explaining the precautions to be taken when pedestrians are involved with forklift trucks. Read More

August 13th 2018. The Lucas CSM range of high performance traction batteries, which incorporate copper stretch metal (CSM) technology are a serious alternative to lithium ion. Read More

August 10th 2018. Buying a used forklift truck. A fifteen - twenty minute read on all of the checks that should be carried out when considering the purchase of a second hand forklift truck. Read More

Disclaimer. The legislative information contained on this web site is my interpretation of the law based on many years in the health and safety business. A definitive interpretation can only be given by the courts. I will therefore not be held responsible for any accident/incident/prosecution arising as a consequence of anyone using any information obtained from this web site.

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