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Forklift training poll. forklift operator test

The new forklift operator test came into force on September 1st 2017 and is set to a higher standard than the old one. Have you taken a test, (practical, written and pre use checks), since September 1st 2017? If so please vote in the mini poll below. I will publish the results on this website when I have enough feedback. The last time I ran this poll, (for the old test), most people thought it was too easy. I suspect trainees will find it more difficult now. The main highlights of the new test are:

The practical test marking sheet has been changed.

The marking sheet for the new forklift operator test has been revised. Two new faults have been added and the penalties associated with some others have increased. In addition, the criteria for disqualification has been changed. Details of all these changes are shown here.

The pre-use inspection part of the test has been changed.

The latest pre shift test part of the training course is more onerous than the old one as missing out certain checks, which have been deemed to be safety critical, will result in a candidate failing this part of the test.

The written test has been changed.

The theory test for persons attending a forklift operator training course has been revised. Questions have been updated and multiple choice questions now have four options for answers instead of three. Where there is likely to be a problem with language, a translator who is independent and accredited must be provided. Details of the new test are available here.

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