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Free pallet truck operator training course

pallet truckThis course deals with the training of pallet truck operators and covers both stand on and pedestrian types of pallet trucks. It also covers Low Level Order Pickers or LLOPs machines.

According to the forklift ACOP training is still required for pedestrian pallet trucks even though they are not covered by the ACOP itself. Here is a quote from the ACOP.

"Operators of types of truck not covered by the ACOP text, for example pedestrian-operated trucks, ‘stand-on’ pallet trucks that do not lift materials for stacking, and straddle carriers, will also need training"

It is usual to conduct a short theory session followed by practical tuition and testing for these trucks. As far as I know, no accreditation body has yet devised a practical test for these machines so I have shown the one designed and developed by the now defunct Kwiksave group which is the one I used for many years.

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